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I fucking love her

how do ppl get used to walking around doing regular shit with cameras constantly in their faces cuz honestly my friend will be texting with their phone facing me and i’ll get paranoid af

And this is why she’s queen.

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Shiba Inu Prevents Owner From Drinking Alcohol

He’s like there there human, it’s no good for you

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Beyonce has been on a 123-show tour since March. She kicked off 2013 singing the National Anthem at the inauguration and then performed at the Super Bowl. And in between taking care of her small child and Instagramming her every bowel movement she somehow found time to secretly record an entire album PLUS 14 music videos and NO ONE leaked any of it to the world? Meanwhile I have a shelf from ikea that’s been sitting unfinished in a corner since May.


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Anonymous asked: you never come to me for help or anything anymore, although i would love to help but you don't. what are best friends for? i know you've been hurt, not okay with things, just unsatisfied with the fact that things aren't going well. You've been my best friend for the longest, and at this time of need I'm sure as hell you need some comforting. i may not know what you're going through at the moment but i know you're not happy. if you dont need help its okay but if you need anyone im here always.

Hi, thank you for worrying about me. Actually, im pretty fine right now. Everything is getting better for me. I also am pretty happy right now. Just have things little thoughts sometimes you know? but thats normal of everyone. I’m sorry if we haven’t spoken in a while. I have a feeling who this is but not exactly sure. If you say i’ve been your best friend for the longest, i must really miss you. 


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I wonder


what you’re doing right now. If you’re talking to someone else, or are you out with your friends, or maybe you’re sleeping. I know what you’re not doing. And that’s talking to me.

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Oh, tacos.

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